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With over 150 CBD brands in the UK and countless CBD products – from oils, to capsules and gummies – deciding which product is best for you can be difficult. CBD Unboxed has designed this CBD quiz to help you find out which brand, product and strength is most suited to your personal needs. Take our 60-second CBD quiz today to get recommended CBD products tailored to you. 


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Have you tried CBD products before ?

Yes, I use them regularly CBD
I've tried CBD before CBD
I've never used CBD before CBD

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What do you want to use CBD for?

Pain Relief CBD
Stress CBD
Sleep CBD
Anxiety & Depression CBD
Migraines & Headaches CBD
Chronic Inflammation CBD
Digestion CBD
Skin CBD
Other CBD

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How severe are your symptoms ?

Mild CBD
Moderate CBD
Strong CBD

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How would you like to consume CBD?

Oil (recommended) CBD
Edible (capsules or gummies) CBD
Topical (cream) CBD
Vape Pen CBD

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What matters to you the most when buying CBD?

Efficacy CBD
Cost CBD
Review CBD
Taste CBD
Testing & Certification CBD