CBD Armour Review

CBD Armour Review: Is CBD Armour worth the money? We independently reviewed CBD Armour products and gave them a score of 5.9/10. Check out our full review of CBD Armour below.

About CBD Armour

Founded in 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia, CBD Armour has a simple mission which is to inspire people to stay healthy by leveraging the benefits of natural and organic CBD products.   

The company claims to be the “UK’s leading CBD oil brand”. although this is not factual as companies like Blessed CBD or Honest Hemp not only have a much larger footprint on the UK market but also a far wider range of products.

CBD Armour hemp is grown in Europe and they use a CO2 extraction process to produce both their full-spectrum CBD oils and broad-spectrum CBD oils.

CBD Armour offers both full-spectrum (called Raw Original on their website) and broad-spectrum CBD products which contain no artificial preservatives, no GMOs and no pesticides. Their CBD oils have all the natural hemp extracts such as CBD (Cannabidiol), CBDv (Cannabidivarin), CBG (Cannabigerol), CBC (Cannabichromene) and CBT (Cannabicitran), as well as all the naturally-occurring terpenes, flavonoids, and Omega acids. The only difference being that their broad-spectrum products are THC free, ensuring you get the purest CBD possible with 0% THC, whilst their full-spectrum CBD products do contain trace amounts of THC.

All their CBD oils focus has been on maximising the entourage effect – a physiological phenomenon wherein the properties of active hemp compounds appear to be more powerful when consumed together rather than by themselves individually – through the preservation of synergy between the plants cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids.

CBD Armour oil is vegan friendly, gluten-free, organic, GMO free, kosher and lab tested for purity and potency.

Whilst CBD Armour proclaims to be the ‘leading CBD brand in the UK’ and to have their products ‘Tested by a 3rd Party’, none of these statements seem to be true. Their lack of transparency when it comes to their certificates of analysis (CoA) is a red flag as the top CBD brands we’ve tried and tested all publish their CoAs online. 

CBD Armour Review


CBD Armour has been officially tested and reviewed by the CBD Unboxed team. Products have not been gifted by the brand and as such, this review is 100% independent and based on our personal findings.

The CBD Unboxed Story

I founded CBD Unboxed because I suffer from bilateral femoroacetabular impingement (known as FAI), a painful condition in which extra bone grows on the head of the femur (hip joint), giving the bones an irregular shape.

Because they do not fit together perfectly, the bones rub against each other during movement. Over time this friction can damage the joint, causing pain and resulting in arthritis of the hip joint.

To manage my pain and to avoid relying on traditional painkillers which have known side effects, I turned to more natural products and found CBD to be a godsend. I have been using CBD for the past 3 years and want to share my experience, so you too can experience the health benefits of CBD which are wide ranging – from pain relief and improved sleep, to reduced anxiety and depression. If you want to find out more about how you could benefit from CBD, check out this article on the effects of CBD.

Supreme CBD oil was tested by myself and the rest of the CBD Unboxed team for a period of 2 weeks. Our review of CBD Armour covers 7 key metrics and at the end of this article we also recommend what we believe to be the best CBD products from CBD Armour:

Our Review: CBD Armour 10% Raw CBD Oil

The test carried out by the CBD Unboxed team focused on CBD Armour CBD Oil 1000mg (1000mg of CBD per 10ml bottle equivalent to 10% concentration, with raw hemp seed oil carrier), which contains all the natural hemp extracts such as Cannabidiol (CBD), CBDv (Cannabidivarin), CBG (Cannabigerol), CBC (Cannabichromene) and CBT (Cannabitriol), as well as the naturally-occurring terpenes, flavonoids, and Omega acids which can be found in full-spectrum products. Their CBD oil benefits from the entourage effect and contains trace amounts of THC (below the UK regulatory level of 0.2%).

During our two-week product review, we took 20mg of CBD in the morning on an empty stomach, followed by 10mg at lunchtime and a further 10mg an hour before bedtime, giving us a total of 40mg of CBD per day.

Their products are all derived from organic hemp plants that are grown under the highest agricultural directives in the Europe and their products are made in the UK.

The characteristics of their 1000mg (10%) CBD oil are detailed below.

CBD oil 10% CBD oil
CBD type Full-spectrum
Oil carrier Hempseed oil
Hemp origin Europe
Extraction CO2
Lab tested? Yes
Laboratories Not Available
Entourage effect? Yes
Flavour Unflavoured
Cost per day £0.80 (20mg)
Our rating 5.9 / 10

Be aware that results may vary depending on your personal requirements so be sure to check the dosage recommendations before taking any CBD products.

So how well did CBD Armour full-spectrum oil perform in our review?

Product Efficacy (6/10)

Not the Best Oil for Pain Relief

Whilst we had high hopes for CBD Armour, their 10% CBD oil did not live up to the expectations we had placed on such a strong brand name!

Their CBD oil has moderate analgesic properties, meaning that it does an ok job at relieving pain, but it’s not the most effective oil nor will its effects be felt for 4-5 hours.

As with other CBD reviews, I spaced my CBD intake throughout the day to maximise the benefits and help with my pain levels from morning to bedtime. Whilst I experienced an improvement of my symptoms and a reduction of both my pain levels and overall hip discomfort, I was still in pretty bad pain during the 2-week product review and the effects of their CBD would normaly be felt for 2 hours max, but would then dissipate relatively quickly after that.

This was particularly disappointing to me as I’ve always taken about 40mg of CBD every single day and in most cases it has helped me keep my symptoms at bay, but 40mg of CBD Armour just wasn’t enough for me.

So all in all, whilst this seems like a cheap product in comparison to other CBD brands we have reviewed, the fact that it’s not as efficient means that you may need to increase your daily intake, resulting in a more expensive cost per day overall.

As a final point, it would be interesting to test their higher concentration products, especially their 3000mg CBD oil (30% concentration), as arthritis of the hip joint is incredibly painful and it would be good to see how higher strength products perform in comparison to their 10% concentration. One for our next review.

CBD Armour for Sleep

So how did their CBD perform when it comes to improving sleep?

CBD is known to interact with specific receptors, specifically the CB1R and CB2R. CB1 receptors co-ordinate mood, emotion, appetite, and other functions. While CB2 receptors are responsible for controlling inflammation and pain. CBD stimulates these receptors and induces the body to release serotonin. Serotonin, or 5-HT, is a neurotransmitter that carries signals from one neuron to the other. CBD increases the level of serotonin, which, in return, helps relieve stress and other medical conditions.

Whilst I hoped that CBD Armour would help me with my sleep – be it by falling asleep faster in the evening and staying asleep throughout the night – the poor analgesic properties of their oil meant that I experienced pain even lying down at night, which prevented me from getting a good night sleep.

I would wake up feeling tired in the morning and after two weeks of this cycle, I honestly felt broken and couldn’t wait for the product review to be over so I could go back to my usual CBD oils.

So all in all, whilst this was a disappointing experience for me, do not let that deter you as everybody reacts differently to different CBD oils. Some CBD oils have worked very well for me and not at all for other people in the team, whilst it has been the complete opposite for other brands.

Taste (6/10)

Whilst the most popular way to consume CBD is by using CBD tincture (oil), they often have a more earthy, nutty, woody or grass-like taste which is down to the fact the product is natural, safe, and non-toxic.

A Strong Smell & Flavour Profile

When we first started taking Supreme CBD oil, we noticed that the colour of their oil is quite dark, which is often an indicator of how strong the oil actually is – the darker or more colourful the oil, the stronger the taste.

Their CBD oil certainly has quite a strong smell and flavour, with hints of walnut. Despite the strong flavour profile, it remained mild in comparison to other full-spectrum CBD oils we’ve tried and tested over the years, some of which can be incredibly off-putting. Endoca CBD oil being the one that comes to mind due to its strong taste and incredibly bitter aftertaste.

Finally, when swallowing the oil after leaving it under the tongue for 30-60 seconds, you will get a bit of an earthy taste in your mouth with a hint of walnut, but the aftertaste isn’t too bad at all.

Dimensions Our Analysis
Colour Brown(ish)
Smell Strong
Taste Mild/Strong
Aftertaste Minimal
Flavour(s) Walnut / Earthy

Value for Money (6/10)

Efficacy and taste apart, how does CBD Armour 10% CBD oil stack up when it comes to value for money?

A person between 150 and 240 lbs may need between 20mg and 40mg of CBD per day depending on the severity of their symptoms. A 10ml bottle of their 1000mg CBD oil (retail: £40.00) will therefore last between 50 and 100 days and cost between £0.80 and £1.60 per day (with free shipping), which makes it one of the cheapest CBD oils on the market.

Based on 20mg of CBD per day, here’s how the Top 10 CBD brands stack-up in terms of daily cost:

Strength Price Daily Cost
Love Hemp 10% £99.99 £0.66
Medterra 10% £99.99 £0.67
Supreme CBD 10% £99.99 £0.67
Honest Hemp 10% £34.99 £0.78
CBD Armour 10% £40.00 £0.80
Holistic Hemp 10% £40.00 £0.80
Love CBD 10% £99.99 £1.00
Naturecan 10% £54.99 £1.10
Provacan 12% £69.95 £1.25
VAAY 10% £64.90 £1.28
Hempura 10% £64.99 £1.30
Blessed CBD 10% £74.99 £1.50
Bud & Tender 10% £80.00 £1.60

So heavy CBD users will need to place an order every 1.5 months, whilst mild users may be able to push this to 3+ months, which seems good value for money.

However, as the efficacy of the product is not as good as other CBD brands we’ve tried and tested, you may need to increase your CBD intake by 20%, 30% or 40% to get the same effects, making it a far less affordable CBD oil as a result.

Product Range (6/10)

Whilst CBD Armour have been in business since 2017, they have kept their product range incredibly small and focused primarily of full and broad-spectrum CBD products, including CBD oils, CBD gummies, CBD capsules, and CBD topicals.

CBD Armour CBD Oils

To date, Supreme CBD offer 2 different types of CBD oils, each designed for a different market.

Raw Original CBD Oils (Full-Spectrum)

If you are looking for a CBD oil that benefits from the entourage effect and contains THC, you’ll be pleased to know that CBD Armour have developed a small range of full-spectrum CBD oils, available in different strengths and three sizes – 10ml, 30ml and 100ml:

CBD (mg) Bottle (ml) Concentration
CBD Armour CBD Oil 1500mg  30ml 5%
CBD Armour CBD Oil 1000mg 10ml 10%
CBD Armour CBD Oil 3000mg 30ml 10%
CBD Armour CBD Oil 3000mg 10ml 30%

*Amount of CBD oil per drop = 0.025ml

Their 10ml bottle of 1000mg retails at £40.00 (£0.04 per mg of CBD) whilst their 10ml bottle of 3000mg oil costs £99.00 (£0.03 per mg of CBD) so when comparing the price and strength of their CBD oils, going for a higher potency works out cheaper in the long run as a person using 20g of CBD per day will spend £0.80 per day using their 10% CBD oil and £0.66 per day when using their 30% oil, a saving of 17% when going for the higher potency oil.

Cool Fresh CBD Oils (Broad-Spectrum)

The company has also developed a range of broad-spectrum CBD oils called ‘Cool Fresh’, which come in three strengths – 5%, 10% and 30% – and two sizes:

CBD (mg) Bottle (ml) Concentration
CBD Armour Broad-Spectrum Oil 1500mg 30ml 5%
CBD Armour Broad-Spectrum Oil 1000mg 10ml 10%
CBD Armour Broad-Spectrum Oil 3000mg 10ml 30%

*Amount of CBD oil per drop = 0.025ml

These broad-spectrum CBD oils are light on taste as they removed the unwanted plant waxes and chlorophyll, and they used MCT oil instead hempseed oil as a carrier, making this a more palatable CBD oil.

Their Cool Fresh range is suitable for athletes across all sports who want to use CBD to remain on top form both physically and mentally, but who would prefer not to ingest THC.

Note: At the time of reviewing CBD Armour, we noticed a number of their CBD oils were ‘out of stock’.

CBD Armour Capsules

If the taste of CBD oil isn’t your thing or you would prefer not to take CBD by using the dropper pipette and leaving the oil under the tongue, then you may want to check out CBD Armour capsules, as you will be able to experience all the benefits of CBD without the downsides of CBD oil.

When buying their CBD capsules, you will only have a single option. CBD Armour Capsules contain 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD encapsulated in bovine bone gelatine, making them not suitable for vegans.

Choosing capsules is a great way to get your CBD intake and it’s incredibly travel friendly, the ideal solution for those who are always on the go.

As with other CBD Armour products, their capsules contain no pesticides, herbicides, solvents or chemical fertilizers, they are sourced from organically grown, non-GMO, pesticide-free hemp plants that have been grown in the EU. They have also been independently lab tested for potency and purity.

CBD Armour Gummies

If you are the type of person who is always searching for new ways to get your daily dose of CBD, then you may want to check out CBD Armour gummies.

Their gummies are infused with broad-spectrum CBD extracts contain 25mg of CBD per sweet and are THC free, pesticide free and gluten free.

At the time of writing their CBD gummies had been out of stock for quite a while so it may be that CBD Armour have discontinued this product line.

CBD Armour Protein Powder

If like me you like to work out every day and want to ensure you feed your body with the right type of food, you’ll be pleased to know that CBD Armour have launched a range of Hemp Protein Powder.

Exercise, be it High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Resistance Training (RT) or Weight-Lifting – is pro-inflammatory and breaks down muscle fibres. Put it simply, muscle fibres get damaged during a tough workout and inflammation comes into play during the repair process.

As proteins are the main building blocks of your body – since they are used to make muscles, tendons, organs, and skin, as well as enzymes, hormones, and more – it is important to consume a decent amount of protein on a daily basis to help with muscle repair.

Using CBD Armour hemp protein powder is a great alternative to other types of CBD proteins such as Whey Protein, as hemp contains more vitamins, nutrients, and omega fatty acids than whey. One of the biggest benefits of hemp over whey protein is that it’s plant-based so it’s also easily digestible and metabolised by the body.

CBD Armour hemp protein powder contains 500g of organic hemp protein powder with 50% of protein content. It is 100% organic and natural, rich in amino acids, healthy fats such as Omega 3 and Omega 6 ad also high in Fibre.

A 500g bag contains 30 servings and costs £9.99 which is fairly decent value for money, although one serving will only give you 8g of protein, so you may need 2-3 servings post workout to get 20g+ of protein, which makes it far less affordable.

Shipping & Delivery (10/10)

Free UK Shipping

All Orders

Slow Delivery

3-5 Days

14-Day Return

Unopened Products


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Lab Testing (1/10)

As a CBD company, CBD Armour does not play the transparency card with their customers.

Their site claims that their CBD products are “Tested by 3rd party labs”, yet despite spending hours browsing their site and searching online, we were unable to find a single certificate of analysis.

Why is that a red flag?

Although their site claims that their CBD products contain a “guaranteed accurate concentration of CBD” or that their products are THC free, the fact that they are not publishing their certificates of analysis means that it is impossible to know with certainty what is in their CBD oil.

What Tests Should You Look For?

Many products on the market contain pesticides, herbicides, mould, fungi and dangerous mycotoxins and for these reasons, it is important to only buy CBD products that have gone through a rigorous process to ensure they are tested for quality and potency.

Most CBD brands use cutting-edge testing equipment and work with CBD laboratories to test all their CBD products and they usually allow customers to see the certificates of analysis online.

Only buy CBD products from brands which are carrying out and publishing the results of their tests, including:

Cannabinoids Test: The Cannabinoid test allows CBD brands to accurately determinate the concentration of each cannabinoid in their product. This not only helps them ensure that the correct level of CBD is present within the oil (e.g. 5% concentration vs 10%), but it also gives customers full-transparency regarding what other cannabinoids – including CBG, CBC and CBDV – are present. This is critical as these additional cannabinoids can boost the effectiveness of a CBD oil when compared to just CBD alone. This is what is known as the ‘entourage effect’.

Terpenes Test: Terpenes are produced by the cannabis flower in the same way cannabinoids are, and they are responsible for giving CBD oil its individual flavour profile. You are already familiar with them as terpenes are what give a lemon its citrusy smell.

When it comes to CBD oil, not only do terpenes determine the flavour and smell of the oil, but they also work together with cannabinoids to enhance the effectiveness of the CBD oil. So terpenes are also part of the ‘entourage effect’.

The key terpenes found in CBD oil are Myrcene (known to have relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties), Limonene (anti-fungal and antibacterial properties), Pinene (anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties), Linalool (stress-relieving and anti-depressant properties), Caryophyllene (known to reduce anxiety and inflammation) or Humulene (anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties).

Flavonoids Test: Flavonoids are phytonutrients found in the leaves, flowers and trichomes of the cannabis plant. They play a role in the plant pigmentation, taste and smell and along with cannabinoids and terpenes, they bind with cannabinoid receptors to contribute to the ‘entourage effect’.

Heavy Metals Test: Hemp, like every other plant, tends to absorb heavy metals from the soil, water and air. These heavy metals – which include arsenic, mercury, lead or cadmium – can be passed into the cannabis extract if present in the hemp, resulting in the consumer absorbing some of it into their own system. Due to the high toxicity of these heavy metals, human consumption could lead to serious health consequences and this is why it is important to ensure CBD extracts are screened for these heavy metals to ensure products are safe for human consumption.

Pesticides Test: Whilst pesticides are used in many forms of commercial farming, they are known to cause serious harm to the health of consumers, including cancer and mutation of their DNA, resulting in certain diseases. The tests carried out usually focus on 50+ different pesticides to ensure products are clean and safe to consume.

Microbiological Test: To avoid any risk of microbes such as Shiga toxin E. coli, salmonella, or Listeria being present in their CBD extracts, which could lead to serious illnesses and health complications, CBD brands usually go through microbiological tests to ensure they are microbe free.

Residual Solvents Test: Solvents such as butane and ethanol can be used to extract cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids from the cannabis plant as well as during the filtration process, so it is key for CBD manufacturers to ensure that there are no residual traces of these solvents in their CBD extracts, even if they use CO2 extraction as solvents such as ethanol, benzene, propane or methanol could come from contaminated soil from nearby farms.

Mycotoxins Test: Mycotoxins are naturally occurring toxins produced by certain moulds and fungi which can cause cancer and mutation of your DNA. Seeing as mould can grow on a variety of different crops, including hemp, it is vital for CBD manufacturers to run mycotoxins test on their CBD extracts.

Customer Reviews

out of 5 from 265 reviews

Although a number of CBD Armour claims – “leading CBD brand in the UK” or “Tested by 3rd Party” – could not be verified, CBD Armour seem to have built a decent reputation in the UK with a loyal customer base. The company has close to 300 reviews on Trustpilot, with an average rating of 4.1 out of 5. Below are some of their latest customer reviews.

Amazing stuff. I thought when I last ran out that I would see how I went on. What a mistake! All my aches and pains and sleeplessness came back. The first night I had the drops back, all my problems just disappeared! I won’t be stopping taking CBD ever again!

I’d been a loyal & returning customer of CBD Armour since 2018, and during this time I only had good things to say about their products and overall level of service. This recently changed however, when two days ago I went to purchase another two 30ml bottles of their Silver CBD Oil, only to find that the price of each bottle had increased overnight from £80 to £110! I put this to them, only to be informed that this was due to the Covid Pandemic, Brexit, increase in costs, etc, which I can understand to a certain extent, but not to the extent of a £30 hike in price! Needless to say & sadly, I have decided to take my business elsewhere.

Recommended CBD Armour Products

CBD Armour Review: The Verdict

Despite their claims of being the leading “CBD brand in the UK” or that their products are “tested by 3rd Party Labs”, there is little to evidence that CBD Armour can live up to these statements. The fact that they do not provide their certificates of analysis on their website is a massive red flag for us as CBD brands should play the transparency card with their customers.

The quality and efficacy of their CBD is also questionable. Whilst I did experience a mild improvement of my symptoms, the effects did not last more than 1-2 hours which makes CBD Armour a very expensive product in the long run.

In terms of how it compares to other brands in our Top 10 CBDs oils, we think that the likes of Honest Hemp, Bud & Tender, Hempura, Blessed CBD or Provacan not only offer far superior products, but by publishing their certificates of analysis online, you’ll be sure that the products you are using are safe for consumption and contain the exact amount of CBD on the bottle.

Would we recommend you give CBD Armour a go? Based on the above, probably not!

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