CBDfx CBD Review

Launched in 2014, CBDfx is one of the oldest CBD companies worldwide, whose focus has been on developing a wide range of the finest full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate CBD products. Check out our full CBDfx review below .

About CBDfx

CBDfx was founded in 2014 Ali Esmaili and Jameson Rodgers, out of San Fernando Valley in California (US), and has become the third largest privately held CBD company in the world.

Ali and Jameson George started CBDfx with a simple mission: to create the highest quality, purest, and most fun CBD products available anywhere. Over the last few years, the company has delivered against its mission by developing over 50 different CBD products.

Their CBD oils includes both broad-spectrum CBD, which is THC-free and a CBD+CBG oil (2:1 ratio) which contains Coenzyme Q10 & Curcumin. As a THC-free product, it is perfect for athletes or those who have to go through regular drug tests and worried about THC content.

CBDfx broad-spectrum CBD contains no artificial preservatives, no GMOs and no pesticides. It has however all the other all-natural hemp extracts such as Cannabidiol (CBD), CBDv (Cannabidivarin), CBG (Cannabigerol), CBC (Cannabichromene) and CBT (Cannabicitran), as well as the naturally-occurring terpenes, flavonoids, and Omega acids, but it is 100% THC free.

All their CBD oils focus on maximising the entourage effect – a physiological phenomenon wherein the properties of active hemp compounds appear to be more powerful when consumed together rather than by themselves individually – through the preservation of synergy between the plants cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids.

Their products are all derived from organic hemp plants that are grown under the highest agricultural directives in the US (California) and CBD extracts are produced using CO2 extraction, one of the cleanest extraction methods, resulting in a high-quality CBD oil.

CBDfx 10% CBD oil is vegan friendly, gluten-free, organic, GMO free, lab tested and contains no THC.

CBDfx focus on both broad-spectrum CBD, which is THC-free and a CBD+CBG oil (2:1 ratio) which contains Coenzyme Q10 & Curcumin.

CBDfx Review


CBDfx has been officially tested by the CBD Unboxed team and products have not been gifted by the brand. As such, this review is 100% independent and based on our personal findings.

The CBD Unboxed Story

I founded CBD Unboxed because I suffer from bilateral femoroacetabular impingement (known as FAI), a painful condition in which extra bone grows on the head of the femur (hip joint), giving the bones an irregular shape.

Because they do not fit together perfectly, the bones rub against each other during movement. Over time this friction can damage the joint, causing pain and resulting in arthritis of the hip joint.

To manage my pain and to avoid relying on traditional painkillers which have known side effects, I turned to more natural products and found CBD to be a godsend. I have been using CBD for the past 3 years and want to share my experience so you too can experience the health benefits of CBD which include pain relief, improved sleep, reduced anxiety and more. If you want to find out more, check out this article on the effects of CBD.

Each brand is tested by myself and the rest of the CBD Unboxed team for a period of 2 weeks, and is then rated across 7 key metrics including:

At the end of this article we have also hand-picked the best CBD products from CBDfx.

Our Test: CBDfx 1500mg CBD Oil (5%)

The test carried out by the CBD Unboxed team focused on their 1500mg Broad-Spectrum CBD oil (5% concentration with MCT oil carrier), which contains all the other all-natural hemp extracts such as Cannabidiol (CBD), CBDv (Cannabidivarin), CBG (Cannabigerol), CBC (Cannabichromene) and CBT (Cannabitriol), as well as any of the naturally-occurring terpenes, flavonoids, and Omega acids. However, as a broad-spectrum CBD oil developed with athletes and those who do not want to consume THC, all THC related compound have been removed during the extraction and filtration process, making it a THC-free product.

During the two-week period, we took 20mg of CBD in the morning on an empty stomach, followed by 10mg at lunchtime and a further 10mg an hour before bedtime, giving us a total of 40mg of CBD per day. However, it is worth noting that as Four Five CBD have opted for a spray diffuser instead of a dropper pipette, it was a little bit more difficult to get the right CBD dosage and we probably consumed slightly more than the usual 40mg daily.

Their products are all derived from organic hemp plants that are grown organically in the US (California) and their products are made in the US. More on this and what to watch for below.

CBDfx oil is vegan friendly, gluten-free, organic, GMO free and lab tested, ensuring you get the purest CBD possible with no THC.

The characteristics of their 1500mg (5%) CBD oil are detailed below.

CBD oil 1500mg CBD oil
CBD type Broad-Spectrum
Oil carrier MCT Oil
Hemp origin US
Extraction CO2
Lab tested? Yes
Laboratories CC Testing Labs
Entourage effect? Yes
Flavour Unflavoured
Cost per day £0.87 (20mg)
Our rating 6.9 / 10

Be aware that results may vary depending on your personal requirements so be sure to check the dosage recommendations before taking any CBD products.

So how well did CBDfx broad-spectrum oil perform?

Product Efficacy (6.5/10)

Helps with Pain & Inflammation

We were expecting great things from CBDfx 5% CBD oil, especially when it comes to its analgesic (i.e. to relieve pain) and anti-inflammatory properties. However, we are slightly disappointed by how their CBD oil performed compared to other CBD in our Top 10, especially since this is one of the oldest and largest CBD companies on the market.

The oil is left under the tongue for 30-60 seconds and absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. It gets to work within 30 minutes and in my case it provided me a certain level of pain relief but I was never pain-free during the two-weeks I took their CBD oil.

By taking 20mg of their 1500mg CBD oil immediately after a tough workout in the morning (on an empty stomach), an additional 10mg just before lunch and another 10mg before bedtime, I have experienced an improvement of my symptoms but the pain never truly disappeared.

It may be that since the product comes in a 30ml bottle (instead of the usual 10ml), the fact that the bottle contains 1500mg of CBD means that this is essentially a 5% concentration CBD oil (the equivalent of 500mg of CBD in a 10ml bottle). So whilst we took 40mg of CBD daily, as was the case with all the other CBD brands we have tested to date, the higher volume of oil but lower concentration may have played a role in its poor performance.

So whilst the oil did help with my arthritis and pain, I was never able to completely stop taking traditional painkillers to calm the hip pain and discomfort. This was especially true on days where I increased my physical activity, as 40mg of their CBD simply wasn’t enough for me to just simply get on with the rest of my day.

As a final point, it would be interesting to see CBDfx launch a higher concentration product in the UK – such as a 10% or 20% CBD oil – as arthritis of the hip joint is incredibly painful and it would be good to see how higher strength products perform in comparison to their 5% concentration.

Good to Improve Sleep

So how did their CBD perform when it comes to improving sleep and fighting insomnia? The short answer is a little better.

CBD is known to interact with specific receptors, specifically the CB1R and CB2R. CB1 receptors co-ordinate mood, emotion, appetite, and other functions. While CB2 receptors are responsible for controlling inflammation and pain. CBD stimulates these receptors and induces the body to release serotonin. Serotonin, or 5-HT, is a neurotransmitter that carries signals from one neuron to the other. CBD increases the level of serotonin, which, in return, helps relieve stress and calm the body and mind.

By taking 10mg of their CBD just before going to bed, I felt it was easier for me to drift to sleep faster, but also to stay asleep throughout the night. In that respect the oil performed well and it did help me feel more refreshed in the morning.

So if insomnia is impacting your daily life, I would recommend you check out CBDfx oils.

Positive Reviews

Reading the reviews available on their website, it would appear as though some of their customers did experience positive health benefits by using their CBD oil, so whilst the results for us were slightly disappointing, their reviews seem positive. The main benefits that seem to come back in their reviews include:

  • CBD for Anxiety: Some of their customers suffering from anxiety have reported that CBDfx’s 1500mg oil had a calming effect and helped them keep their anxiety under control
  • CBD for Muscle Recovery: A few of their reviews mention positive results when used to reduce inflammation and for muscle recovery post-workout.
  • CBD for Arthritis: Some of the reviews talk about the benefits of CBD when it comes to managing the inflammation and pain linked to OA (Osteoarthritis)

Taste (6.5/10)

Whilst the most popular way to consume CBD is by using CBD tincture (oil), they often have a more earthy, nutty, woody or grass-like taste which is down to the fact the product is natural, safe, and non-toxic.

Taste: A Strong Flavour Profile

When trying to assess the flavour profile of a CBD oil, it is often useful to look at the colour of the oil as it is often an indicator of how strong the oil actually is – the darker the oil, the stronger the taste.

At first glance, CBDfx CBD oil is quite green and has a hint of yellow which would suggest that the oil has quite a strong taste.

After taking it for two weeks, it is fair to say that their CBD does have quite a strong flavour profile. When swallowing the oil after leaving it under the tongue for 30-60 seconds, you will definitely get quite an unpleasant grassy taste in your mouth, and will also likely experience quite a bad aftertaste. This was surprising to us as we expected their oil to have a much more palatable flavour profile for a couple of reasons:

  • Broad-Spectrum CBD: broad-spectrum CBD oils go through an additional refinement process which removes the unwanted THC, waxes, and chlorophyll. By removing the waxes and chlorophyll, the oil is supposed to become more palatable, but this does not seem to be the case with CBDfx.
  • MCT Oil: The fact that the oil carrier is MCT (Coconut Oil) usually helps improve the taste of the oil, but again this does not seem to be the case here which was disappointing.
  • Lower Concentration: Finally, most of the CBD oils we’ve tried and tested are 10% to 15% concentration. However, since CBDfx oils come in 30ml bottle, they’re a lot more diluted, meaning that their 1500mg CBD oil is approximately 5% concentration. This could have made the oil more palatable, but again the flavour profile begs to differ.

Value for Money (8/10)

We’ve already concluded that CBDfx 1500mg oil is not the most efficient in the market and definitely not one of the best tasting oils, but how does the oil perform when it comes to its value for money? On the surface, incredibly well, but let’s dig deeper.

A person between 150 and 240 lbs may need between 18mg and 27mg of CBD per day depending on the severity of their symptoms. A 30ml bottle of their 1500mg CBD oil (retail: £64.99) will therefore last between 55 and 83 days and cost between £0.78 and £1.18 per day (with free shipping over £35), which we think is amazing value for money when compared to other CBD brands in our Top 10.

Based on 20mg of CBD per day, here’s how the Top 10 CBD brands stack-up in terms of daily cost:

Strength Price Daily Cost
Love Hemp 10% £99.99 £0.66
Medterra 10% £99.99 £0.67
Honest Hemp 10% £34.99 £0.78
CBDfx 5% £64.99 £0.80
Holistic Hemp 10% £40.00 £0.91
Love CBD 10% £99.99 £1.00
Four Five CBD 6% £107.99 £1.08
Naturecan 10% £54.99 £1.10
Provacan 12% £69.95 £1.25
Hempura 10% £64.99 £1.30
Blessed CBD 10% £74.99 £1.50
Bud & Tender 10% £80.00 £1.60

So heavy CBD users will need to place an order every 2 months, whilst mild users may be able to push this to 3 months.

In terms of how it compares to other brands in our Top 10, it seems to be one of the best products in terms of value for money. However, the only caveat with this is that we are looking at value for money, which doesn’t only look at the price per day but how efficient the oil is to treat a specific condition compared to its price. Seeing as the oil only provided mild relief from hip pain and discomfort, I would have to double my daily CBD intake from – say – 20mg to 40mg per day to be truly pain free using CBDfx products. By doubling the amount of CBD consumed, so does the average cost per day.

So what originally appeared to be one of the best value for money CBD oils, is now one of the most expensive ones at £1.60 per day. And when comparing CBDfx to the two other brands in that price bracket, there is no competition as both Bud & Tender and Blessed CBD are far superior products and better tasting.

So if you’re not on a budget, we’d highly recommend Bud & Tender. However if you are on a budget and are looking for a cheaper CBD oil, you may want to check out other CBD brands we’ve tried, tested and reckon you’ll like.

Product Range (9/10)

As CBDfx has been in business since 2014, the company has developed one of the most impressive product ranges available in the UK – from CBD oils and CBD capsules, to CBD gummies, CBD drinks, CBD vapes and CBD topicals. Their US site also features CBD oils for Dogs and CBD oils for Cats, but these have not yet been approved in the UK and are therefore not available on their UK site.

CBDfx CBD Oils

To date, CBDfx offers 3 different strengths for their broad-spectrum CBD oil, which are only available in 30ml bottles, hence the low concentrations:

CBD (mg) Concentration % CBD / Drop*
500mg 1.6% 0.41mg
1000mg 3.2% 0.83mg
1500mg 5.0% 1.25mg

*Amount of CBD oil per drop = 0.025ml

Their 500mg CBD oil retails at £29.99 (£0.06 per mg of CBD), their 1000mg oil at £49.99 (£0.05 per mg of CBD) and their 1500mg oil at £64.99 (£0.04 per mg of CBD).

When comparing the price and strength of their CBD oils, going for a higher potency works out cheaper in the long run as a person using 20g of CBD daily will cost £1.20 per day using their 500mg CBD oil and £0.87 per day when using their 1500mg oil, a saving of 27% when going for the higher potency oil.


If you are looking for a CBD+CBD oil, you’ll be pleased to know that CBDfx have launched a Wellness Tincture which has a 2:1 ratio of CBD to CBG. Their CBD oil comes in 4 different strengths from 500mg to 4000mg.

CBD (mg) CBG (mg) Price
500mg 250mg £34.99
1000mg 500mg £59.99
2000mg 1000mg £84.99
4000mg 2000mg £149.99

CBDfx CBD Capsules

If the taste of CBD oil isn’t your thing or you would prefer not to take CBD by using the dropper pipette and leaving the oil under the tongue, you may want to check out CBDfx capsules, as you will be able to experience all the benefits of CBD without the downsides of CBD oil.

Soft Gel Capsules

Their soft gel capsules only come in a single strength (25mg per capsule), but you will have the choice between two bottle sizes, one containing 30 capsules per bottle and 750mg of CBD and one containing 60 capsules per bottle with 1500mg of CBD.

CBD (mg) # Capsules CBD / Capsule
750mg 30 25mg
1500mg 60 25mg

Choosing capsules is a great way to get your CBD intake and it’s incredibly travel friendly, the ideal solution for those who are always on the go.

As with other CBDfx products, their capsules contain no pesticides, herbicides, solvents or chemical fertilizers, they are sourced from organically grown, non-GMO, pesticide-free hemp plants that have been grown in the US and they have also been lab tested for potency and purity.

Price wise, you can get a box of 30 capsules in 25mg strength for £39.99 (£1.33 per capsule), or a box of 60 capsules for £64.99 (£1.08 per capsule) which means going for the larger bottle works out cheaper in the long run.

CBD+CBG Morning Tablets

If you are looking for CBD products containing both CBD and CBG, you may want to check out CBDfx CBD+CBG morning tablets which contain 15mg of CBD per capsule and 2.5mg of CBD, although the daily recommended serving is 2 capsules so 30mg of CBD and 5mg of CBG.

These broad spectrum CBD tablets also contain the powerful amino acid L-Tyrosine — known for its ability to improve concentration in mentally-intensive tasks.

Price wise, the box of 60 capsules (900mg of CBD) retails at £49.99 or £0.83 per capsule.

CBDfx CBD Gummies

If you are the type of person who is always searching for new ways to get your daily dose of CBD, then you may want to check out CBDfx CBD edibles.

CBD Gummies

Their CBD gummies contain 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD (THC free), they are non-GMO and vegan friendly. Each bottle contains 60 gummies for a total of 1500mg of CBD and it retails at £49.99. Flavour wise, you’ll have the choice between 4 different flavours.

CBD (mg) Flavour CBD / Capsule
1500mg OG – Mixed Berry 25mg
1500mg Turmeric 25mg
1500mg Chamomile 25mg
1500mg Apple Cider Vinegar 25mg

CBD Multivitamin Gummies

They also offer three additional products – including a CBD multivitamin gummy for women, a CBD multivitamin for men and a CBD gummy with biotin. Each bottle contains 60 x 25mg of CBD for a total of 1500mg of CBD per bottle. Each CBD gummy has been infused with additional vitamins to support your health.

CBD (mg) Range Vitamins
1500mg Womens Multivitamin A, C, and B12
1500mg Mens Multivitamin A, E and B6
1500mg CBD+Biotin Biotin and B12

CBDfx CBD Topicals

If your aim is to improve muscle recovery post workout, treat an inflamed muscle or tendon or simply to look after your skin, then we would recommend looking at CBDfx CBD creams & gels. Some of the topicals are focused on muscle recovery and soothing sore joints, whilst others are more focused on reducing skin inflammation.

Product CBD (mg) Great For
CBD Stick (Menthol) 750mg Muscle & Joints
CBD Stick (Shea Butter) 750mg Inflamed Skin
CBD Cream 1000mg Muscle & Joints
CBD Balm 250mg Deep Tissue
CBD Balm 250mg Sensitive Skin
CBD Balm 250mg Moisturizing Skin

Their CBD creams are quickly absorbed and clinically proven to repair, restore and soothe the skin when applied externally as well as soothe achy muscles and joints post workout.

However, whilst CBD creams are great, they are only for topical use and are often used in conjunction with other CBD products such as CBD oils or capsules.

CBDfx Vape Pens & Vape Juices

If you are already smoking, then you may want to check out CBDfx range of CBD vapes, vape pens and vape juices.

CBD Vape Kit

Their CBD vape kit is by far their most popular product and the perfect product if you are just getting into vaping. The kit comes with everything you need to start vaping right away, including the vape , a 1000mAh lithium rechargeable battery, the oil cartridge, a USB and a magnetic adaptor ring.

At £29.99 is quite affordable and can be used with their CBD vape juices and their terpene oils which come in 10 different flavours:

  • Blue Raspberry – CBD Vape Juice
  • Fruity Cereal – CBD Vape Juice
  • Rainbow Candy – CBD Vape Juice
  • Strawberry Kiwi – CBD Vape Juice
  • Strawberry Milk – CBD Vape Juice
  • Wild Watermelon – CBD Vape Juice
  • Gelato – CBD Terpenes Oil
  • OG Kush – CBD Terpenes Oil
  • Pineapple Express – CBD Terpenes Oil
  • Platinum Rose – CBD Terpenes Oil

Disposable CBD Vape Pens

If you are looking for a disposable CBD vape pen, CBDfx has you covered. Each vape pen contains 30mg of organically sourced CBD, naturally rich in cannabinoids, amino acids and fatty acids. Their CBD vape pens contain CBDfx proprietary blend of CBD Isolate as well as Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). These disposable vape pens retail at £9.99 (£0.33 per mg of CBD).

Flavour wise you will have the choice of:

Flavour CBD (mg) Price
Blue Raspberry 30mg £9.99
Fresh Mint 30mg £9.99
Tropic Breeze 30mg £9.99
Melon Cooler 30mg £9.99
Honeydew Ice 30mg £9.99
Strawberry Lemonade 30mg £9.99

If however you are looking for a disposable vape pen that will maximise the ‘entourage effect’, then look no further than their terpenes CBD vape pens. Unlike traditional vape pens, the terpenes vape pens contains Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil, Terpenes, as well as Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). These terpenes CBD vape pens retail at £12.99 and contain 50mg of CBD (£0.26 per mg of CBD).

Flavour wise you will have the choice of:

Flavour CBD (mg) Price
OG Kush 50mg £12.99
Pineapple 50mg £12.99
Gelato 50mg £12.99
Blue Dream 50mg £12.99
Sour Diesel 50mg £12.99
Platinum Rose 50mg £12.99

CBD Vape Juices

CBD vape oil is made using a similar process to standard CBD oil as it is derived from the hemp plant and uses CBD extract. To extract the CBD from cannabis sativa, a complex process involving CO2 extraction or solvent distillation (natural solvents like ethanol) is used, resulting in clean CBD extracts.

However, unlike CBD oil which use MCT or Olive oil as a carrier, CBD vape juices use thinning agents such as Vegetable Glycerin (known as VG), a thick, sweet liquid or Propylene Glycol (known as PG), a much thinner and tasteless liquid. It is the presence of these thinning agents that make the CBD juice ok to vape or inhale.

Products using Propylene Glycol tend to produce more of a “throat hit” than Vegetable Glycerin does, and as a result may simulate the feel of smoking better. Seeing as their CBD vape juices contain a 50:50 PG to VG ratio, you will get quite a balance product that doesn’t give you too much of a “throat hit”.

Their terpenes oils come in 250mg strength (30ml bottle), whilst their vape juices are available in 500mg, 1000mg and 2000mg (30ml bottle)

Type CBD (mg) Price
Vape Juice 500mg £29.99
Vape Juice 1000mg £49.99
Vape Juice 2000mg £79.99
Terpenes 250mg £44.99

If you’re already using a CBD vape, add their CBD vape juice to your vape is easy and can be an efficient way of getting your daily dose of CBD.


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Lab Testing (10/10)

As a CBD company who has been around since 2014, CBDfx plays the transparency card with their customers.

Since many CBD products contain pesticides, herbicides, mould, fungi and dangerous mycotoxins, CBDfx are working closely with California Cannabis Testing Labs, a testing facility for CBD and hemp based products based in California.

In addition to being sourced and extracted from the highest-grade certified organic US hemp, they guarantee that their products are 100% organic and free of synthetic ingredients.

They allow customers to see their Certificates of Analysis online for each product line available in their site. Each lab report then breaks down the potency of cannabinoids, the presence of terpenes and flavonoids, as well as the absence of heavy metals, mycotoxins, pesticides or microbes.

Below is an example of their certificate of analysis for their 1500mg CBD Oil.

Farming (US Hemp)

Like most CBD companies, CBDfx does not grow its own hemp and relies on hemp farmers who are specialised in CBD and THC producing plants, which unlike fibre hemp plants that are used for the textile industry, need to be planted at wider intervals and harvested by hand, which requires specific farming methods.

Their hemp is sourced from the US and grown under the highest agricultural directives in these countries.

Why US hemp?

Hemp requires around 20-30 inches of rainfall during it’s growing season, either from rainfalls or via modern irrigation methods, and whilst the plant is largely unaffected by low temperatures and can even withstand frost down to -5°C, the ideal growing temperatures for good quality hemp are between 19-25°C.

The US is a large producer of hemp with Montana, Colorado, Kentucky, North Carolina and Oregon being the 5 largest producers in the country. These five states are important location for hemp farming as they have the right regulations to grow hemp and the perfect climate.

Outside of the US, Europe is a big producer of hemp with France leading the charge, followed by Italy and the Netherlands.

For all these reasons, it makes the US a great place for CBDfx to source their hemp from.

Hemp Preparation & Extraction

Once the plants have been harvested they are stored in a warehouse and left to dry. The dry hemp is then turned into a coarse powder – similar to coffee grounds – through a milling process which follows the strict standards of the hemp farming industry.

At that point, the hemp powder is transferred to the manufacturing and processing facility where it is needs to go through an extraction and purification process in order to remove all unwanted compounds and which produce a high-quality hemp extract which can then be used in oils, capsules, gummies and other CBD products.

Unlike many CBD products available on the market that use hemp produced at an industrial rate under very high temperatures to speed up the extraction process, but which ultimately degrades the quality of the CBD extract, CBDfx’s production method are clean and efficient as they use supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2) as an extraction method. This is similar to most of the brands in our top 10.

CO2 extraction (known as supercritical CO2 extraction) seems to be the gold-standard method of extraction in the industry. It uses carbon dioxide (CO2) and a series of pressurized chambers to expose the CO2 to high pressure and low temperatures. By holding the CO2 at a specific temperature and pressure which is above its standard critical state, it becomes liquid and acts as a solvent.

This method presents many advantages:

  • Safe for human consumption
  • CBD molecules are preserved
  • Environmentally friendly
  • CO2 extraction is sustainable

The final product that comes from the distillation process comprises of 99%+ CBD, is then used by CBDfx CBD and incorporated into their various CBD oils.


Many products on the market contain pesticides, herbicides, mould, fungi and dangerous mycotoxins and for these reasons, CBDfx products go through a rigorous process to ensure they are tested for quality and potency. To do so, they use cutting-edge testing equipment and work with California Cannabis Testing Labs, a California based company offering analytical testing for CBD products, to test all their products. The tests carried out focus on various dimensions to guarantee the quality and safety of each batch.

  • Over 200 different pesticides
  • Heavy Metals like Arsenic, Lead, or Mercury
  • Aflatoxins and Mycotoxins
  • Terpenes
  • Microbes

Cannabinoids Test: The Cannabinoid test allows CBDfx to accurately determinate the concentration of each cannabinoid in their product. This not only helps them ensure that the correct level of CBD is present within the oil (e.g. 2.5% concentration vs 10%), but it also gives customers full-transparency regarding what other cannabinoids – including CBG, CBC and CBDV – are present. This is critical as these additional cannabinoids can boost the effectiveness of a CBD oil when compared to just CBD alone. This is what is known as the ‘entourage effect’.

On top of looking for the presence of other cannabinoids, CBDfx check that there aren’t any illegal cannabinoids present such as THC, CBN or THCV.

Terpenes Test: Terpenes are produced by the cannabis flower in the same way cannabinoids are, and they are responsible for giving CBD oil its individual flavour profile. You are already familiar with them as terpenes are what give a lemon its citrusy smell.

When it comes to CBD oil, not only do terpenes determine the flavour and smell of the oil, but they also work together with cannabinoids to enhance the effectiveness of the CBD oil. So terpenes are also part of the ‘entourage effect’.

The key terpenes found in CBD oil are Myrcene (known to have relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties), Limonene (anti-fungal and antibacterial properties), Pinene (anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties), Linalool (stress-relieving and anti-depressant properties), Caryophyllene (known to reduce anxiety and inflammation) or Humulene (anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties).

Flavonoids Test: Flavonoids are phytonutrients found in the leaves, flowers and trichomes of the cannabis plant. They play a role in the plant pigmentation, taste and smell and along with cannabinoids and terpenes, they bind with cannabinoid receptors to contribute to the ‘entourage effect’.

Heavy Metals Test: Hemp, like every other plant, tends to absorb heavy metals from the soil, water and air. These heavy metals – which include arsenic, mercury, lead or cadmium – can be passed into the cannabis extract if present in the hemp, resulting in the consumer absorbing some of it into their own system. Due to the high toxicity of these heavy metals, human consumption could lead to serious health consequences and this is why CBDfx extracts are screened for these heavy metals to ensure their products are safe for human consumption.

Pesticides Test: Whilst pesticides are used in many forms of commercial farming, they are known to cause serious harm to the health of consumers, including cancer and mutation of their DNA, resulting in certain diseases. Whilst CBDfx’s hemp is grown organically without the use of pesticides, they test their CBD extracts for 67 different pesticides to ensure their products are clean and safe to consume.

Microbiological Test: To avoid any risk of microbes such as Shiga toxin E. coli, salmonella, or Listeria being present in their CBD extracts, which could lead to serious illnesses and health complications, CBDfx products got through microbiological tests to ensure they are microbe free.

Residual Solvents Test: Solvents such as butane and ethanol can be used to extract cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids from the cannabis plant as well as during the filtration process, so it is key for CBD manufacturers to ensure that there are no residual traces of these solvents in their CBD extracts. Although CBDfx use CO2 during their extraction and filtration process, it is vital for them to test their CBD extracts for ethanol as well as other solvents such as benzene, propane or methanol which could come from their extraction process or a contaminated soil from nearby farms.

Mycotoxins Test: Mycotoxins are naturally occurring toxins produced by certain moulds and fungi which can cause cancer and mutation of your DNA. Seeing as mould can grow on a variety of different crops, including hemp, it is vital for CBD manufacturers to run mycotoxins test on their CBD extracts. CBDfx currently tests for the 5 main mycotoxins including Aflatoxin B1, Aflatoxin B2, Aflatoxin G1, Aflatoxin G2 and Ochratoxin A, to ensure their products are clean and safe to consume.

Customer Reviews

out of 5 from 5 reviews

CBDfx has built a great reputation in the US and collected over 18,000 reviews on its own website. However, the company only has 5 verified reviews on Trustpilot, with an average rating of 2.9 out of 5, which raises a few question when it comes to the transparency of their review program. Below are two of the Trustpilot reviews.

I’ve had an issue with the vape kit (poor quality and spitting e-liquid through the mouthpiece). The customer services were quick enough to respond, but I feel like I’ve wasted my money and time. The e-liquids themselves are quite good. Also left a review on their site, which has probably been discarded, due to the negative review!

Ordered with inernational shipping from US to Finland. Package was seized by Finnish border customs. I have waited for a week and there were no update from customs. Wrote about this to cbdfx and sent them proof (screenshots from communication with FEDEX) that package was seized… Cbdfx sent out new package for free “as a one-time courtesy” like they said. 5 star customer service and great communication! Second package was also seized by customs and I lost my money 100+€

CBDfx Review: The Verdict

After testing CBDfx 1500mg broad-spectrum CBD oil for two weeks, we have to admit that we are slightly disappointed by how their CBD oil performed when it comes to pain management and reducing inflammation. The taste of their CBD oil is also not the most palatable one. So whilst this appears to be a good value for money product on paper, the poor performance of their oil for pain management combined with its very grassy taste, does not make it a very appealing product for us compared to other brands in our Top 10.

We’re also a little cautious about their customer reviews. The thousands of reviews on their UK site seem incredibly positive, but anyone is allowed to leave a review, so these are not what we would deem official reviews by an independent third party. The few official reviews from Trustpilot seem rather negative so we’d advise your proceed with caution.

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